SAI Botswana issues first summarised Audit Report for citizens

The SAI of Botswana recently released their first summarised audit report for citizens. The report contains highlights of the Auditor General’s Report of 2019, as graphic representations and easy to read summarised information on key findings.

Citizens have the right to know in simple terms how government operates, including how it utilises public funds for the provision of services. However, we have realised that because of the technical nature of the report, there is need to do a summarised version of the main report with graphics, cartoons and pictorial illustrations using minimal words to ensure that people are in a position to adequately understand the content of the report. – Ms Pulane D. Letebele, Auditor General of Botswana.

This report is a key step to demonstrate the value and benefit of the SAI to the citizens of Botswana. Click here to view the report.