Performance Audit in the Oil & Gas Industry Conference, a resounding success

A joint regional project with the Netherlands Court of Audit, the SAIs of Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya and AFROSAI-E, concluded on 18 June with a successful online Conference. As part of the collaborative project, the three SAIs conduced parallel performance audits of the oil and gas sector in their respective countries.

At the project closing conference, the leaders and respective audit teams from the project partners took the opportunity to share the lessons their institutions have learned, the key outcomes of the audits performed and the cross-cutting issues that stemmed from the parallel audits. With an audience of over 200 people from across the globe, the Conference provided valuable knowledge and experience sharing platform for other SAIs interested in conducting audits in the petroleum sector.

One of the key outcomes of the project was the development of an online learning programme on “How to audit governments management of oil and gas contracts”. The course is available on the AFROSAI-E Learning Platform – – to staff from all SAIs globally, in English, French, Arabic and, in Portuguese (coming July 2021).

To view the recording of the Conference proceedings click here.

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