PFM On the Couch @ AFROSAI-E

What is the PFM Reporting Framework and how can it help to improve the value and benefits of SAIs to their citizens? In our exciting new vlog series, PFM On the Couch @ AFROSAI-E, we answer these, and other key questions on this game changing tool in the audit of public accounts.

The series features interviews with regional and international PFM experts, who share their perspectives on key PFM emerging issues. The PFM On the Couch @ AFROSAI-E series aims to build the capacity of SAIs to better understand the PFM-RF tool and the broader public financial management environment.  

In the first episode of the series Edmond Shoko talks to Wynand Wentzel on the PFM-RF and the AFROSAI-E State of the Region Report. Episode one of season one is available below and on the PFM-RF website:

Accompanying this first interview in the series is short, not-to-be-missed animated video, introducing the PFM-RF tool and its value and benefits to SAIs and their citizens.

For more information on the series and how you could participate and contribute, contact Edmond Shoko at [email protected].