16th AFROSAI-E Technical Conference

Where is your balcony? This was the question our keynote speaker at the 16th Technical Conference, Graeme Codrington, asked participants. With this question, Graeme challenged us to take more time out every week, to spend on the ‘balcony’, to really reflect on what you and your team is doing and to look at the bigger picture. Most of us are caught up in the tyranny of the urgent and endless to-do-list, but science and research have shown, that what actually makes us more productive, is not working harder, but being cleverer about our balconies.

This captivating opening address by Graeme, set the tone for our three-day Conference with the theme, Developing Adaptive Capabilities. The programme included discussions that ranged from new regional initiatives and topical issues related to professional career paths and gender equality, to auditing donor funds, infrastructure and the SDGs.

Click on the links below to view recordings of the Conference and access the presentations delivered.

3 November (Day 1)
Recording: https://youtu.be/Gdf1kXWuT2E  
1. Opening remarks – ICBF & Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey
2. Keynote address: Graeme Codrington
3. Customised SAI capacity building plans for greater resilience
4. IDI Initiatives and programmes, George Phiri
4 November (Day 2)
5.1. Gender Equality Assessment
5.2. SDG status and trends
6.1. Professional Career Paths for Auditors
6.2. Certification for external auditors
6.3. Professional Accreditation for SAIs
5 November (Day 3)
7.1. Making SAI voices heard – responding to INTOSAI standards
7.2. TFIAP – Jan van Schalkwyk
8.1. Becoming data driven SAIs
8.2. Journey to data driven SAIs – SAI Kenya
9. Plain language for effective report writing
10. HR Assessment tools
11. Audit of donor funds – Global Fund
12. Financial Audit Manual Exposure draft
13. AFROSAI-E Independence Guideline – Exposure Draft
14. Data Analytics for Performance Audit