The Netherlands Court of Audit publishes an online course on Integrity for SAIs and Public Sector Organisations

Integrity is crucial to good governance and contributes to citizens’ trust in public institutions. Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) should lead by example in strengthening government accountability, transparency, and integrity.

IntoSAINT for SAIs or SAINT for Public Sector Institutions (PSOs) serves as a valuable integrity self-assessment tool for these institutions, facilitating the assessment of the integrity within their respective organisations. This tool aids in identifying vulnerabilities and internal controls to mitigate risks, thereby uncovering potential gaps. Ultimately, it provides recommendations to bolster organisational integrity, primarily focusing on preventing corruption.

IntoSAINT or SAINT consists of a two —to three-day workshop led by two external and certified moderators. In this online course, you will first explore the concept of integrity in depth, learn more about the application of the IntoSAINT for SAIs or SAINT for PSOs, and learn how to become an external moderator for an integrity self-assessment.

Upon completing the online course, participants can take a final online examination. Achieving a 90% or higher score qualifies you for enrolment in a face-to-face moderators training programme.

Practical information on the online course

  • The course is free for the staff of all local and regional audit institutions, SAIs and PSOs.
  • The course is available in English and Dutch.
  • The course consists of 3 modules with a total duration of 1,5 to 2 hours. On completion, participants will be awarded a digital certificate of participation.

Access to the online course

The course is provided via the e-learning platform of AFROSAI-E, a regional organisation of supreme audit institutions.

Step 1: Go to  or use the QR code.

Step 2:

  • For new users, Complete the registration form. You will receive your registration confirmation, and you can log in using your selected username and password.
  • For registered users of the AFROSAI platform, log in using your username and password. Use the’ forgot password’ function if you cannot remember your login details. 

Step 3: Scroll down the homepage and click on Leadership and Organisational Development. Select (Into)SAINT Training in your preferred language.

Step 4: Download the Moodle app from the App Store or Google Play to take the course offline on your mobile device.

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