AFROSAI-E conducts a Quality Assurance Review at SAI Sierra Leone

We are conducting a Quality Assurance Review at the SAI of Sierra Leone from 4 – 12 June 2024.  AFROSAI-E has always emphasised the importance of quality assurance activities in the region’s supreme audit institutions (SAIs). The Governing Board supports regional quality assurance reviews as a mechanism to accelerate the development of SAIs. The Board, therefore, agreed to a roster to ensure that each SAI will be reviewed every three years. The overall intention is to support SAIs in ensuring that quality assurance measures are in place and comply with international standards.

The review is a collaborative effort, with team members hailing from four different SAIs and technical support provided by AFROSAI-E. Guided by the Institutional Capacity Development Framework (ICBF), it is designed to offer independent assurance to the Auditor General, affirming the effectiveness of the organisation’s quality control systems and practices.