Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

Focus Areas

Audit Methodology

Regularity Audit

Regularity audit is an annual audit examining whether the audited entities accounts and financial reports are true and fair.

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Performance Audit

Performance audits are audits of the economy, efficiency or effectiveness with which the audited entity use its resources to achieve its goals.

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Information Systems Audit

Information systems audit is an examination of management controls (safeguarding assets, data integrity and effectiveness) within an IT infrastructure.

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Environmental Audit

Environmental audit is evaluations intended to identify environmental compliance and management systems gaps, along with related corrective actions.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system that  ensures fulfilment of the quality requirements.

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Management Development

Management Development is the process where managers learn and improve their skills to benefit themselves as well as their employing organisations.

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Human Resources

Human resources cover institutional capacity building and audit functions such as planning, finance, HR and communication.

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Communication promotes transparency and best practice in government operations, and builds trust, confidence and credibility in public institutions.

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