Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

Management Development

Whereas people development is the development of staff, including those at the management level, management development is concerned with improving managers’ capacity and their capability in their present roles and preparing them for a greater responsibility in future. Mumford and Gol (2004) defined management development as “an attempt to improve managerial effectiveness through a learning process “

Objectives of Management Development

Management development aims at:

  • Ensuring that the managers understand what is expected of them and agree on the objectives against which their performance will be measured
  • Improve the performance of managers in their present roles as a means of preparing them for greater responsibilities
  • Identify and encourage managers with potential to prepare and implement individual development plans
  • Provide for management succession

Process of Management Development

  • The process of management development is the same as that for people development, which generally includes:
  • Analysis of present and future management needs;
  • Assessment of existing and potential skills and effectiveness of management;
  • Production of strategies and plans to meet those needs;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of management development strategies.

Successful management development will not take place unless the lead comes from the SAIs top management. They are not only seen in the view of giving support to management development but also to continuously be learning themselves. They need to walk the talk.

The MDP workshops are meant to provide platforms for sharing and discussing management challenges within the of SAI environments. Further, the workshops are meant to help the managers identify gaps in their managerial capabilities and challenge them to pioneer their own personal development together with the SAI’s.