Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

Management and Leadership Development

The SAIs in AFROSAI-E aspire to reach level 3 and beyond of the AFROSAI-E’s Institutional Capacity Building Framework (ICBF). To help the SAIs in this direction AFROSAI-E has undertaken a number of development initiatives both at the regional and the SAI level. These initiatives have resulted in the creation of guidance and training material for the region. However, when it comes to implementation and sustainable development at the SAI level, it is the SAI leadership who needs to take charge and drive the change agenda. Enhancing overall management capacities at the SAIs is necessary to improve implementation of development initiatives and help SAIs reach their desired level of development.

Target Group

Leaders and managers from three management levels of every SAI will be targeted under this programme.

  • Top Management - Heads of SAIs and their Deputies
  • Senior Management – Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors
  • Operational Management – Principal Auditors

While delivering interventions for senior management and operational management, the managers will be divided into two clusters – Audit Cluster (RA, PA, ITA) and Corporate Services Cluster (Planning, Training, Support Services, HR and Communications)


  • A critical mass of professionally trained managers is created through management development programmes conducted by SAIs in AFROSAI-E on a regular basis.
  • Management development initiatives are part of the AFROSAI-E’s demand driven capacity building interventions.
  • SAI Management implements development initiatives effectively and efficiently.
  • SAIs in AFROSAI-E become more effective and efficient in their operations.
  • SAIs in AFROSAI-E reach Level 3 of the AFROSAI-E Capability Model in a more efficient way.
  • Similar programmes are taken up by other regions in the INTOSAI community.
  • Other SAIs and regions in the INTOSAI community request for and use material developed in this programme