Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

Organigram / Responsibility Grid

Governed in terms of the Statutes and Regulations

Members of the Board
The Heads of all member SAIs
Chairperson: Appointed by
Governing Board for three years
Meetings: Once a year or as agreed
Seat: Host country nominated by
Governing Board for six years
Chief Executive Officer: Appointed
by Governing Board for six years
Capacity Building
Human Resources
Executive Officer
Appointed by Chief Executive Officer

Objectives of AFROSAI-E:

  • Enhance audit performance of member SAIs
  • Develop and share resources on regional and local levels
  • Professional and technical development and co-operation
  • Sound relations with local and intenational institutions
  • Support regional institutions that promote good governance

Principles recognised by AFROSAI-E:

  • Equality of all SAIs that are members of AFROSAI-E.
  • Right to membership of any English or Portuguese- speaking country in Africa.
  • Laws by which each member SAI is governed.
  • Laws of the African Parliament.

Responsibilities of Members:

  • Pay annual membership fees
  • Attend events and meetings as required
  • Actively participate in activities of AFROSAI-E
  • Provide Secretariat with information as required
  • Share professional and technical information
  • Use products developed by AFROSAI-E
  • Share and use regional subject matter experts
  • Apply quality assurance processes
  • Commit to high level of technical advancement
  • Commit to high level of management practices
  • Submit to reviews as required by Governing Board and donors

Powers and responsibilities of the Governing Board:

  • Take decisions, provide strategic direction, review progress, establish guidelines in order to obtain objectives.
  • Approve the work plans and budgets of AFROSAI-E.
  • Consider/approve proposals by members.
  • Approve reports on the activities of AFROSAI-E.
  • Modify the Statutes of AFROSAI-E. 
  • Draft rules and regulations for AFROSAI-E. 
  • Appoint the external auditors of AFROSAI-E.
  • Approve terms of reference of committees.
  • Approve recommendations of committees.
  • Approve donor support programmes.
  • Approve the appointment of institutional partners.
  • Do anything not specifically provided for in the Statutes.
  • Delegate powers i.t.o. the Statutes.

Powers and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Implement decisions in accordance with direction provided by members and approved work plans.
  • Submit work plans/budgets to Board for approval.
  • Notify members of membership fees and ensure collection.
  • Submit annual reports and audited financial statements to Board as required.
  • Represent Board in all matters pertaining to AFROSAI-E.
  • Compile submissions to Board if requested by members.
  • Compile policies and procedures as required.
  • Compile terms of reference of committees.
  • Assist committees with compilation of submissions.
  • Provide support/assistance to bodies of governing structure.
  • Secure donor support and compliance with donor agreements.
  • Facilitate support for bilateral agreements, parallel audits, etc.
  • Collaborate with institutional partners.
  • Monitor activities of AFROSAI-E and its member SAIs.
  • Appoint individuals or committees to support Secretariat.
  • Fulfil any other duties assigned by the Board.