African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions


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A Practical Guide to Sampling

This guide is the latest in a series on sampling. It has been produced in response to a large number of requests received by the Statistical and Technical Team relating to sampling matters. The guide aims to consolidate the information required for you to complete the survey process from design to reporting. It provides this…


AFROSAI-E Communication Handbook

AFROSAI-E Brochure cover_0

AFROSAI-E Brochure

The AFROSAI-E brochure provides a concise look at our organisation, our vision and our capacity building approach.


2017 State of the Region – ICBF Self-Assessment Report


2017 Integrated Annual Report

We are pleased to present our 2017 Integrated Annual Report


Evaluations and its use in value for money studies

Change is a key feature of all aspects of the work which we do in the National Audit Office. This is brought very much into focus as the Government takes forward its modernising programme to improve all aspects of service delivery for the benefit of citizens. New ways of delivering government programmes are being developed…

2015 ICBF Guideline

2016 Governing Board Meeting: Summary of Key Outcomes

The main observations and outcomes of the 13th Governing Board Meeting sessions on Audit Innovation and Leadership are captured in the 2016 Governing Board Meeting: Summary of Key Outcomes. This summary was developed to be utilised as a ‘roadmap’ tool for member SAIs to link their own strategic plans with the initiatives identified to address…


AFROSAI-E 2016 State of the Region – ICBF Self-Assessment Report

The Institutional Capacity Building Framework Self-Assessment Report measures performance of the 26 AFROSAI-E members against five development levels. It serves as a vital source of information for long-term and annual strategic planning.


2016 Integrated Annual Report

We are pleased to present our 2016 Integrated Annual Report.