A Professionalisation Strategy by Africa for Africa

The African public sector experiences a severe shortage of professional accountants and auditors. Professional accountants that are in government have typically only been exposed to private sector theory during their initial professional development. They often lack an understanding of public sector challenges and expectations relating to their position. Without sufficient professional accountants, African states are vulnerable to exploitation and corruption.

The Goal

Setting the standard for public sector accounting and auditing professionals in Africa, and providing the tools to turn this standard into reality.

Professionalisation in 2017

Evaluating Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our strategic imperative of driving professionalisation of public sector auditors and accountants in Africa, is reflective of our drive to enable our SAIs to have credible voices in the public arena.

Wide engagement, effective partnerships and buy-in from relevant stakeholders are key success factors for this initiative to have impact. The initiative was bolstered this year by the strengthening and establishment of key partnerships. The future of this initiative is now the shared responsibility of AFROSAI-E, the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) and the East and Southern African Association of Accountants-General (ESAAG).

For more information, refer to the AFROSAI-E Professionalisation Strategy