Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

The importance of quality assurance in Supreme Audit Institutions in the region have always been strongly emphasised by AFROSAI-E. The Governing Board, realising the critical importance of regional quality assurance reviews as a mechanism to accelerate the development of SAIs in the region, agreed on a rotation roster to ensure that all SAI are independently reviewed every three years. These reviews also support SAIs to adopt appropriate quality assurance measures that comply with international standards.Quality Assurance Certification_2_03.17

To further grow the quality assurance capacity in the region, AFROSAI-E developed a Quality Assurance Certification programme in accordance with the ISSAIs, which is being rolled-out for the first time this year. The QA Certification is intended to strengthen the credibility of the independent QA review processes and procedures within the region, ensure greater consistency in QA practices and, will result in a strong pool of certified QA professionals.

To complete the QA Certification process, participants were expected to attend the intensive five-day workshop that was held from 6 – 10 March in Pretoria. During this workshop, a strong focus was put on standardising the quality assurance process, sharing knowledge and experiences and strengthening report writing skills. Practical sessions were also held on conducting institutional level, regularity audit and performance audit reviews. In total, 41 participants attended from 13 regional SAIs as well as the CCAF, the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO), The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) and the Public Accountants and Auditors Board from Zimbabwe. 

In order to complete their certification process, participants are now expected to apply their skills in practice during an AFROSAI-E independent quality assurance review and; with a review at their own SAI.

“The experience was of great value to be because of the insights I gained, the high quality of preparation and presentation, and the valuable opportunity to network with SAI colleagues. This was such a good investment of time.”- Imran Vanker, Director: Standards, Independent Regularity Board for Auditors (IRBA).Quality Assurance Certification_03.17

AFROSAI-E considers the QA Certification programme to be a fundamental next step in the progression of quality assurance in our region. Another certification workshop is planned to take place in July 2017.