Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

Turning leadership from capacity into capability

The AFROSAI-E Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLD) starts this week with the first of 3 workshops. Senior leadership teams from the SAIs of South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania are participating in the SLDP, with a total of 26 leaders taking part. The programme aims to improve the critical competencies, conceptual knowledge, values and behaviours that are fundamental for leadership teams to inspire, influence, motivate, recognise and guide others to achieve and sustain excellence in the SAI environment.

Leadership development is a cross cutting discipline and professional leadership teams play a critical role to drive SAI development agendas. The aim of the SLDP programme is to develop leadership teams that are exemplary in terms of integrity and technically proficient in terms of the audit services they deliver. The AFROSAI-E leadership model comprises of four leadership dimensions that will be covered over the course of the three workshops. These are personal, people, strategic and public sector leadership. As part of the SLDP, participants will be required to develop a project that is of strategic relevance to their SAIs for implementation during or after the programme. 

SLDP 1 of 2017