Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs

Strengthening regional cooperation with ARABOSAI MoU

Regional Working Groups supporting each other to grow capacity and thereby being better enabled to support their member SAIs, is a great example ofARABOSAI study tour living the INTOSAI motte of “mutual experience benefits all”. In this spirit, AFROSAI-E and ARABOSAI has signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on issues related to promoting good governance, particularly the strengthening of accountability, transparency, and integrity.

The joint planned activities include the development of technical cooperation in the areas of training, capacity building, strategic planning, cooperative audit initiatives, peer-review initiatives, exchanges of information and experiences as well as networks of experts.

The main objective of AFROSAI-E / ARABOSAI co-operation is to strengthen the professional skills of their members and to find joint solutions to common challenges and concerns. One of the first activities in terms of the MoU is an opportunity for sharing knowledge and experiences during a two-day study tour by representatives from the ARABOSAI to the AFOSAI-E General Secretariat. The visiting delegation from ARABOSAI includes its Chair, first and second Vice Chairs as well as representatives from the General Secretariat and the Chairs of the four ARABOSAI Committees.

ARABOSAI study tour 2During the two-day visit, the AFROSAI-E team, led by new CEO, Meisie Nkau, will share our strategic and operational activities, our organisational structure and capacity building approach, amongst other things. We look forward to this opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation.