Making A Difference In The Performance Of SAIs


One of the highlights of the Technical Update is the opportunity to recognise SAIs that demonstrate commitment to the implementation of guidance, innovation in their approaches and excellence in their work.

During our carnival-themed gala dinner we were delighted to hand over the awards for the 2018 winners. They were:

SAI Namibia - for IT Audit

In the spirit of ISSAI 12 on value and benefits of SAIs, we need to continuously innovate to improve the SAIs offering to our citizens. This year the IT Audit award went to SAI Namibia in recognition of their innovation.

IT Audit is a support audit and it should therefore add value to Financial, Compliance and Performance audits by ensuring critical systems are audited. This recognition of system criticality is something that needs to have a proper basis and calls for proper engagement of IT Audit and other auditors in the SAI.

SAI Namibia officially started IT Audit not too long ago and the department has committed to make a difference in the SAI. The department, in conjunction with their internal ICT unit, developed an information system with a database to capture information about systems being used by government. This system can give ranking on which systems are riskier and help focus their audit support for other auditors.

This is a first and an innovation worth recognising.

SAI Kenya - for Regularity Audit 

The award went to SAI Kenya for demonstrating the most visible and efficient implementation of RA methodologies (FAM and CAM) since they were adopted in November 2017.

The SAI invited AFROSAI-E for a FAM and CAM in-country train-the-trainer workshop with several SAI trainers having been trained. They also used AFROSAI-E trained staff and managed to t

They rolled out the new methodology for all audits and, they started and finished customisation at SAI level and now have signed and approved customised FAM and CAM manuals.rain their SAI staff at different levels in the FAM and CAM methodologies.

Special mention also went to the SAI for embarking in a project to upload the methodology onto their auditing software platform as part of their rollout. This has allowed for the testing of the compatibility of the newly modelled working papers in an automated audit filing environment.

SAI Eritrea - for Performance Audit

SAI Eritrea was recognised for demonstrating commitment to Performance Audit. The SAI signed an MOU with AFROSAI-E to establish performance audit functions. They demonstrated their commitment by sticking to every agreement and arrangement in terms of the MoU and they operationalised the millstones that were agreed on including:

  • Establishing and fully-fledged performance audit unit.
  • Recruiting and allocated staff on a full-time basis, committed to conducting solely performance audits.
  • They completed seven performance audits within the first year of establishment.
  • The SAI appointed a manager dedicated to performance audit and, they have, consistently throughout the year, shown commitment to enhancing the skills of these auditors.
SAI Uganda - for Communication & Stakeholder Management

This is the first time we recognised a SAI for demonstrating excellence in communicating with their stakeholders. SAI Uganda has made great strives to live up to the ideals of ISSAI 12 on the Value & Benefits of SAIs.

They produced a simplified and summarised extracts report in 2017 on the audit matters and emerging trends that need urgent attention, to better reach their stakeholders that need to act on the findings. The SAI also led by example by publishing a report on their own performance in the year 2017.

We also recognised this SAI for demonstrating the value of effective internal communication. The SAI launched their first Intranet this year as a platform to give their staff a voice.

Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP)

We also recognised the efforts of SAIs that participated in the AFROSAI-E Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP).

To facilitate experiential learning and to build the competence of “execution” the participating SAIs were given the challenge to identify and implement an initiative to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies in their SAI. The projects selected by the three teams were:

South Africa: Factors impacting the retention of executives.

Mozambiqe: Development of a certification programme for external auditors.

Nigeria: Implementing an integrity control policy  

For excellence in implementing the SLDP projects, the awards went to:

  • 1st Prize: SAI South Africa
  • 2nd Prize: SAI Mozambique
  • 3rd Prize: SAI Nigeria

Representatives from the 1st and 2nd prize-winning SLDP teams, that were awarded at the gala dinner, had the opportunity to briefly talk about their projects on the last day of the Update.

Congratulations to the winning SAIs!