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Integrating Environmental Audit Risks in an Audit at LG level_Brochure

With the support of the GIZ, AFROSAI-E developed an innovative audit approach to integrate environmental audit risks at local government level, in the normal audit activities of supreme audit institutions. This brochure provides more information on the approach and shares the story of two SAIs (Sierra Leone and South Africa) that implemented it in 2016. Through this innovative and resource-effective approach, AFROSAI-E is making a difference in the performance of its member SAIs and; helping them to make a difference in the lives of citizens.

AFROSAI-E Brochure

The AFROSAI-E brochure provides a concise look at our organisation, our vision and our capacity building approach.

AFROSAI-E Transversal Activity Report 2015_Brochure

This brochure provides high level information on our Institutional Capacity Building Framework (ICBF) and captures the highlights of the 2015 Transversal Activity Report

Participation in CABRI policy dialogue on managing contingent liabilities

Contingent liabilities pose an increasing risk of destabilising a government’s public finances. As ministries of finance develop their public debt management capabilities, an important consideration is the role of the middle office in managing contingent risks. From 7 – 8 December 2016, CABRI (Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative), held a policy dialogue session to provide risk managers with an opportunity to share their experiences on challenges they have faced, the lessons they have learnt and the good practices they are striving to implement.

AFROSAI-E welcomes two new Auditors-General

We are very pleased to welcome Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo as the new Auditor-General of SAI Ghana and Mr Anthony Mkpe Ayine as the new Auditor-General of SAI Nigeria.

Mr Domelevo, formerly a Senior Financial Management Specialist in charge of the Public Financial Management projects in Zimbabwe and Malawe, was appointed with effect from 30 December 2016.

AFROSAI-E mourns loss of Seychelles Auditor-General

The AFROSAI-E community was greatly saddened by the tragic loss of Mr Marc Benstrong, the Auditor-General of SAI Seychelles. Mr Benstrong, had been in the public service for 36 years. He had started his career in the Ministry of Finance, and had risen to the rank of Director General for Financial Planning and Control before being appointed as Auditor-General in October 2001. He had completed two seven-year terms as Auditor-General and had begun a third term in October 2015. Mr Benstrong passed away suddenly on 23 December 2016 whilst on duty.