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Professionalising Public Sector Auditing and Accounting in the Region

 One of Agenda 2063’s aspirations relates to An Africa of Good Governance, Democracy, Respect for Human Rights, Justice and the Rule of Law. It focuses on having capable institutions and transformative leadership in place at all levels where the institutions are at the service of its people.AFROSAI-E shares the view that competent, professional and performance driven public sector institutions are essential to deliver effective, efficient and accountable services in response to this unavoidable demand by the leaders in the African continent and, it therefore desires to professionalise...

Audit of Fiscal Governance Workshop

The main function of good fiscal governance is to ensure public finance stability and sustainability. Fiscal governance can be defined as those rules, regulations, and procedures that influence how budgetary policy is planned, approved, carried out, and monitored. It entails the fiscal institutional arrangements, for example, legally binding fiscal rules, medium-term budgetary frameworks, budgetary procedures and the establishment of independent fiscal authorities to exercise responsibility and oversight on the public and private financial management systems.In any country a financial,...

Strengthening systems to combat Illicit Financial Flows

The enormous outflow of money as Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) is of global concern and is therefore also a high priority on the African agenda. IFF is defined as illegal movements of money or capital from one country to another. This movement is considered an illicit flow when the funds are illegally earned, transferred, and/or utilised. Examples of IFF include:• An importer using incorrect trade invoicing to evade customs duties, VAT, or income taxes;• A corrupt public official using an anonymous shell company to transfer dirty money to a bank account in a different country etc.To...

SAIs add a vital impetus in fighting Illicit Financial Flows - GIZ newsletter

The GIZ recently published an article written by Celestin Ankamtsene (INTOSAI Development Initiative / AFROSAI Secretariat at the time of writing), Wynand Wentzel (AFROSAI-E Secretariat), and Valentine Onya Bongado (SAI Cameroon / AFROSAI Secretariat) on the vital role of SAIs in fighting Illicit Financial Flows. The article delves into the challenges that appear for African SAIs and the concerted efforts against cross-border criminal activities. Click here to read the full article.

ELDP article featured in DDI magazine

Development Dimensions International (DDI) magazine entitled GO, recently published an article on the AFROSAI-E / SNAO Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP) entitled: A stick in the bundle is unbreakable. The article features insightful views from the facilitators and participants of the programme. Click here to read the article online or, click here to download the article now.

Second AFROSAI-E Newsletter out now

The second AFROSAI-E Newsletter is now available online. Click here to read all about our latest news, opportunities, upcoming events etc. The headlines of this issue include:Leadership driving Action at the 2016 Governing Board meetingLooking ahead with new e-learning innovations!  First Executive Leadership Programmes successfully concludesFantastic new career opportunities at the AFROSAI-E SecretariatExciting times aheadMember SAIs NewsGet social with AFROSAI-ETo subscribe to the AFROSAI-E Newsletter, click on the link at the bottom of the screen.