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HRM Framework and Handbook 2019

Human Resource Management Framework & Handbook

1st Edition, 2019 The aim of the Handbook is to aid managers and professional HR practitioners in the region with a common framework when developing their organisations. The contents of this handbook are aligned with the AFROSAI-E Management Development Programme and other material produced by the organisation.

IT Audit Manual 2017

IT Audit Manual

1st Edition, November 2017

Compliance Audit Manual 2017

Compliance Audit Manual

1st Edition, November 2017

Financial Audit Manual 2017

Financial Audit Manual

1st Edition, November 2017

PA Handbook 2016

Performance Audit Handbook

2nd Edition, November 2016 The AFROSAI-E Performance Audit Handbook is based on ISSAIs, experiences in the region and our course materials, handbooks, manuals, guidelines and other methodological materials. The Handbook is developed for the use in AFROSAI-E activities and by member SAIs in the region. With the consent of AFROSAI-E, it can also be used…

ICBF 2018 Cover

2018 State of the Region: ICBF Self-Assessment Report

It is our great pleasure to present the 2018 State of the Region: ICBF Self-Assessment Report. The report provides information from an institutional perspective on SAIs’ level of development and the level of public sector auditing in the AFROSAI-E region. The Report provides a cross-sectional and longitudinal view of how member SAIs have performed and…



IAR 2018 Cover

Integrated Annual Report 2018

We are pleased to present our Integrated Annual Report for the year 2018.


Why Performance Audit?

AFROSAI-E has just completed the production of a booklet on performance audit. The purpose of the booklet is to give our SAIs arguments and support in discussions with stakeholders such as PAC, auditees, Government Personnel Department, Ministry of Finance, mass media etc.