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Extractive Industries guide_arabic cover

Guideline: Audit Considerations for Extractive Industries (Arabic)

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the WGEI and ARABOSAI, the ARABOSAI Secretariat translated the Guideline (2019 version) to Arabic.

COVID19 Research Paper_POR_cover page

Resiliência da ISC em endereçar a diferença de expectativas que se tem do auditor, durante períodos de calamidade: O caso das ISCs subsaarianas durante a pandemia do COVID-19

COVID19 Research Paper_cover page

AFROSAI-E Research Paper: SAI Resilience in addressing the auditor expectation gap during disaster periods – The case of sub-Saharan SAIs during the COVID-19 pandemic

AFROSAI-E embarked on a research project, to determine the level of resilience of SAIs in sub-Saharan Africa to meet stakeholder expectations during the COVID-19 disaster. The research performed a six-way test on SAI resilience in the following areas: (1) Flexibility in taking decisions, (2) Responsiveness to change, (3) Speed of effecting changes,(4) Active collaboration with…

2019 SoR_ICBF Report Cover

2019 State of the Region: ICBF Self-Assessment Report

It is our great pleasure to present the 2019 State of the Region: ICBF Self-Assessment Report. This report gives an in-depth view of how member SAIs have performed and progressed in terms of the AFROSAI-E Institutional Capacity Building Framework in 2019. The report is based on the results of the ICBF questionnaire that member-SAIs complete…

2019 IAR Cover

2019 Integrated Annual Report

Our Integrated Annual Report gives a snapshot of our activities and achievements in 2019. In addition, we’ve also included reflections on the outcomes and in some cases the impact, that we’ve achieved in the region during the 2015 to 2019 Strategic Plan period. With 254 activities implemented throughout the year, we engaged over 3200 people…

Tanzania_PA Report on Management of water in rural areas_cover

Performance Audit Report on Management of water in rural areas – Tanzania

March, 2019


AFROSAI-E Complaints Policy

This Policy embodies the values of AFROSAI-E and demonstrates our commitment to creating a fair and pleasant workplace for all staff, in compliance with international good practice. It is also intended to contribute towards reducing the likelihood of abuse and ensuring that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and concluded on. This policy on complaints…


AFROSAI-E Code of Conduct 2020

The Code of Conduct embodies the new core values of AFROSAI-E and summarises key ethical principles that must be used to guide work practices. Its purpose is to direct and provide guidance to the Secretariat’s staff as well as resources performing work on behalf of AFROSAI-E, on how they should behave and conduct themselves. This…

IAR 2012

Integrated Annual Report 2012

We are pleased to present our Integrated Annual Report for 2012