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Pocket Guide French Cover


Le Guide de poche est présenté à un niveau stratégique et a pour objectif de donner des conseils aux ISC sur les considérations à prendre en compte lors de la préparation et de la réponse aux situations de catastrophe tout au long des trois phases du cycle des catastrophes. Il met ensuite en avant certaines…

AFROSAI-E Code of Conduct cover

AFROSAI-E Code of Conduct

Adopted on 23 April 2020

Big Data Research Paper

Research Paper on Integrating Big Data in the Public Sector

With continuous technological advancements, the data created by people, applications and smart machines are exponentially increasing beyond the capabilities of traditional data-processing applications. SAIs are called upon to have a strategic response to data generated and stored by governments and how to use it in analysis. Therefore, SAIs, like most organisations, are facing a big…

Pocket Guide Cover

Pocket Guide for SAIs – Considerations for Responses to Disasters

The Pocket Guide is pitched at a strategic level with an objective to give strategic level guidance to SAIs on considerations to be taken, when preparing and responding to disaster situations throughout the three phases of a disaster cycle. It goes on to give prominence to some fundamental audit practices such as remote auditing and…

SAI Botswana Citizens Report

Highlights of the Auditor’s General Report – 2019

Office of the Auditor General of Botswana Graphic Representation and Summary for Citizens

Crisis Emergency and Risk Communication Cover

Crisis, Emergency & Risk Communication for SAIs

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in severe world-wide disruptions of economic and social activities. This paper aims to give an overview on the differences between disasters, crises, emergencies and risks, and the recommended types of communication response for each of these. It also proposes key communication considerations for SAIs to create or adapt disaster preparedness…

Extractive Industries guide_arabic cover

Guideline: Audit Considerations for Extractive Industries (Arabic)

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the WGEI and ARABOSAI, the ARABOSAI Secretariat translated the Guideline (2019 version) to Arabic.

COVID19 Research Paper_POR_cover page

Resiliência da ISC em endereçar a diferença de expectativas que se tem do auditor, durante períodos de calamidade: O caso das ISCs subsaarianas durante a pandemia do COVID-19

COVID19 Research Paper_cover page

AFROSAI-E Research Paper: SAI Resilience in addressing the auditor expectation gap during disaster periods – The case of sub-Saharan SAIs during the COVID-19 pandemic

AFROSAI-E embarked on a research project, to determine the level of resilience of SAIs in sub-Saharan Africa to meet stakeholder expectations during the COVID-19 disaster. The research performed a six-way test on SAI resilience in the following areas: (1) Flexibility in taking decisions, (2) Responsiveness to change, (3) Speed of effecting changes,(4) Active collaboration with…