Performance Audit Supervision and Review course



… is a face-to-face workshop

Workshops are announced via formal letters to the SAIs inviting the nomination of participants.



… SAI performance auditors, performance audit reviewers and supervisors, executive officers and senior managers whose role includes performance auditing supervision and review functions, SAI operational managers (working directly with teams or having a supervisory role), and SAI senior managers responsible for performance audit functions



… that trains and updates on the supervision and review functions of a performance audit



… to appreciate the role of performance audit-specific strategies and annual operational plans for better growth of the function, understand the critical role that supervision and support have in impacting performance auditors, understand the importance of reviews and the related quality management processes needed to enhance the quality of the audit work in the performance audit cycle, and appreciate how shared experiences can benefit mutual learning in the performance audit discipline


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Assists a SAI to improve the levels of all the questions within Domain 4: Audit standards and methodology