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Partnership established with regional grouping of Accountants General

The chief executive officers of AFROSAI-E, PAFA and ESAAG recently met to discuss the professionalisation initiative currently being led by AFROSAI-E and PAFA. The initiative aims to professionalise public sector accounting and auditing in Africa. An invitation was extended to ESAAG members to participate in the work as partners with AFROSAI-E and PAFA. This would include nominating ESAAG members to serve on the Interim Oversight Board (IOB) on the Professionalisation of Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Africa. This is in line with the terms of reference of the IOB which envisages ESAAG as being founding members of the IOB.

In response to the invitation, the ESAAG has nominated five accountants general, from Botswana, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, to serve on the IOB. In addition, ESAAG provided resources from the offices of their members to participate in the recent professionalisation development workshop.

This partnership will see accountants general, auditors general and professional accounting organisations working together to drive professionalisation of public sector accounting and auditing in Africa. These three stakeholder groups are well positioned to ensure that professionalisation becomes entrenched across the continent.

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The African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions is the English language subgroup of AFROSAI, the African branch of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions. AFROSAI-E performs an enabling role in the region by sharing information with its members and supporting them towards the better performance of their mandates.


The East and Southern African Association of Accountants General supports offices of accountants general to develop sound public financial management practices. They facilitate cooperation between countries in the area of government accounting, provide a forum for sharing experiences, and encourage the development of government accounting personnel and trainers.

About PAFA

The Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) was established to accelerate the development of the accountancy profession in Africa and strengthen the voice of the profession within Africa and worldwide. PAFA believes that good governance, accountability, good financial management, and transparency are principal pillars in the acceleration of economic development and reduction of poverty.