African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions

WGEI & AFROSAI-E collaborates on Product Sharing Agreements course

The INTOSAI Working Group on Audit of Extractive Industries (WGEI) in collaboration with AFROSAI-E, is pleased to announce a training course dedicated to understanding and auditing management of Production Sharing Agreements/Contracts (PSAs).

The training will be most relevant to SAIs in countries that implement the PSA model. Participants will gain knowledge on how to identify risks and select possible audit topics in this area. The course will take place from 3 – 7 February 2020 in Pretoria, South Africa. Formal invitations and registration details will be distributed to SAIs in due course.

The course topics will include: 


1.1 What is a PSA?

•       Understand the main structure of a PSA

•       PSA preamble

•       Contracts/agreements coherence in the legal system

1.2. Identifying parties and regulatory provisions

•       The parties’ principal rights and obligations under a PSA

•       Locate and interpret terms in a PSA

•       State participation

•       Pipeline transportation

1.3. Financial provisions and production disposition

•       Work program budgets/investments

•       Work programmes

•       Guarantees

•       Sale of oil and gas – valuation and measurement

•       Reference price

•       Marketing and lifting

1.4. Cost recovery, production sharing, rentals, bonuses and royalties

•       understand the concepts of profit oil/gas, cost oil/gas and cost recovery limit

•       The use of sliding scales and tranches to increase government take when profits increase

•       Government take and other revenues

1.5. Legal and non-operational matters

•       Financial guarantees, banking and insurance

•       Revision of work programme

•       Title to assets

•       Entitlement to data

•       Confidentiality

•       Entitlement to representatives

•       Local purchases

•       Conflict negotiations, dispute settlements and arbitration

•       Force Majeure

•       Termination of PSA

1.6. Organisational and cooperative matters

•       Management committees

•       Accounting and audits

•       Notices

•       Training and employment of local citizens (local content) 


•       Supervision and control

•       Role of the SAI

•       Prerequisites for good governance


•       What is likely to go wrong?

•       The issue of confidentiality

•       What aspects are most relevant for auditors?

•       Risk mapping exercise