We are fostering collaboration and enhancing SAI communication

The recent Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Workshop, hosted in Pretoria, brought together Communication representatives from 12 SAIs to empower them with the tools and insights needed for effective stakeholder engagement. The agenda was power-packed, delving into key areas such as meaningful indicators for monitoring and evaluation, employee engagement, internal communication, and engaging with CSOs. Delegates also got insight into Domain 5 of the Institutional Capacity Building Framework (ICBF).

Adding to the dynamic nature of the event, a concurrent workshop on simplifying communication and cutting to the chase, led by the acclaimed author Chris Fenning, took place nearby. We seized this golden opportunity and took the participants to Fenning’s session, a welcome change of scenery and a learning opportunity for the delegates.

Beyond the structured sessions, the delegates were encouraged to share their experiences and tactics, creating camaraderie and collaboration. This not only facilitated knowledge-sharing but also set the stage for potential future peer-to-peer collaborations, ensuring a ripple effect of enhanced communication practices throughout the participating SAIs.

The workshop emerged as a vibrant platform, leaving its mark on the professional growth and networking landscape of SAI Communication professionals in the region.