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2nd WGISAM meeting focused on supporting remote audit office

The second meeting of the AFROSAI-E Working Group for Information System Audit and Management was held online, with the theme ‘Supporting a remote Audit Office’, during the last week of September. During the meeting, members deliberated and adopted a Terms of Reference for the Working Group. To effectively implement its objectives, the working group formed…

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Collaborative initiative to strengthen regional HR capacity in PASAI

The PASAI regional working group, is collaborating with the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO) and AFROSAI-E to deliver an online Human Resource Management training programme. The programme kicked off in August and will conclude in December 2020. Through this training and with technical support from the SNAO and AFROSAI-E team, SAIs in the Pacific region…

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IFAC Virtual Global Summit: The Anticipatory Accountant

What if today we could know the events and forces that will shape our profession? What if we could design learning and development programmes to not only prepare accountants for today’s challenges but also to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges? From 16 – 19 November 2020, IFAC will explore these questions at its virtual global summit, The Anticipatory…

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Interview with AG Liberia on real-time audits

In follow-up to our research project on “SAI resilience in addressing the auditor expectation gap during disaster periods: The case of sub-Saharan SAIs during the COVID-19 pandemic”, we are doing a series of interviews with our member Auditors General to learn from their insights on the topic. In this interview, we spoke to the Auditor General…

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Interview with Ethiopia AG, Mr Gemechu Godana on disaster-related audits

In the next instalment of our ongoing series of interviews with our member Auditors General to learn from their insights on the topic of SAI resilience in addressing the auditor expectation gap during the COVID-19 pandemic, we spoke today with the Federal Auditor General of Ethiopia, Mr Gemechu Dubiso Godana. In this interview, Mr Godana…

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We welcome the new Auditor General of Kenya

We are delighted to welcome Ms. Nancy Gathungu as the new Auditor-General of Kenya. Ms. Gathungu was sworn into Office on 17 July 2020, and will serve for a non-renewable term of eight years, as per the Kenyan Constitution. She succeeds Mr. Edward Ouko who left office in August 2019, after the expiry of his…

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