SAI Nigeria advances its audit capabilities with N-SEAT

SAI Nigeria has joined the bandwagon of SAIs that have adopted the AFROSAI-E SAI Enhancement Audit Tool (A-SEAT) to conduct their audits. A-SEAT is a customisable web-based audit management tool developed by AFROSAI-E for SAIs to improve their audit performance.

A dedicated deployment team, Mr Mayeso Chembezi and Ms Lerato Maboya from AFROSAI-E undertook the monumental task of deploying and configuring the A-SEAT for the SAI Nigeria audit environment. The team’s presence in Abuja, Nigeria, from 27 November 8 to December 2023, marked a crucial phase in automating the SAIs’ audit process. This signifies a noteworthy stride towards modernising their audit methodologies and embracing technology to enhance transparency and accountability.

AFROSAI-E implemented a comprehensive training programme for the pilot team from 11 to 15 December 2023 to ensure a seamless transition to the customised Nigeria-SEAT (N-SEAT). The Auditor General, Mr Shaakaa Kanyitor Chira, officially inaugurated the training, emphasising its critical importance. He encouraged participants to approach the training with diligence, highlighting his unwavering commitment to the success of N-SEAT’s implementation.

Seventy auditors were trained, and pilot audits are expected to be done in the first quarter of 2024.

SAI Nigeria is the first SAI to deploy the newly upgraded functionalities of A-SEAT. The successful deployment reflects the SAI’s commitment to embracing technological advancements to ensure the highest standards in audit performance. The SAI is leading by example in advancing its audit capabilities in an increasingly digital era.

By Mayeso Chembezi and Lerato Maboya.