Using Data Analysis in audits

A practical online course by auditors, for auditors

Analysing data has become increasingly essential to support audit work. Data analysis techniques enable auditors to take raw data and uncover patterns to extract valuable insights from it and, in doing so, improve the quality of audits.

Do you want to discover the opportunities for data analysis for your work and learn how to do it? Then the brand-new e-learning course on the AFROSAI-E Learning Platform (ALP) is the answer.

The Netherlands Court of Audit developed the online course, Data analysis in audits by building on the insights of their team of data analysts, known as the Data Hub. The interactive course is available free of charge to staff from all SAIs worldwide for self-paced learning. No specific prior knowledge is required for the course, although basic knowledge of statistics might be helpful.

This course is available in English, Arabic, French, Dutch and Portuguese. It includes four modules and will take a learner about 90 minutes to complete in full. A digital certificate is provided afterwards.

Module 1: Opportunities for using data analysis in audits

  • Using data analysis in various stages of the audit process

Module 2: From audit objective to data question

  • Translate audit questions into effective data questions and choose the right data-analytical methods

Module 3: The use of R in auditing

  • Perform basic operations in the open-source statistical program R

Module 4: Get started with R

  • How to start an actual project and where to find resources for solving problems and continuing learning

Access the course on the AFROSAI-E Learning Platform

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: For new users – register a profile by completing all the fields in full. You will receive an email to confirm registration between 24 and 48 hours. After that, you can log in with your username and password.

Step 2: For existing users – log in with your existing profile. Use the forgot password option if needed to reset your password.

Step 3: On the Home page, go to the Innovative Audit Skills category and enrol yourself on the course in the desired language.

Step 4: The course will now appear on your Dashboard.

Step 5: You can download the Moodle app from the App Store or Google Play to access your courses on your mobile device, even offline.

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