SAI Zimbabwe ITMA Implementation Workshop

The Supreme Audit Institution Information Technology Maturity Assessment (SAI ITMA) is a diagnostic assessment tool that holistically assesses the degree of a SAI’s maturity in ICT and IT auditing. This tool enables SAIs, development partners and other interested parties to support the best decision-making to strategically strengthen the SAI’s capacity in the use of technology.

From 23 to 27 October, we supported SAI Zimbabwe with a SAI ITMA intervention. Zimbabwe is working hard to address the challenges in public service delivery through digital transformation. Accountability and transparency in its activities, including financial governance and multi-stakeholder participation to improve value for money in public service delivery, are essential. The SAI is implementing this self-assessment as part of the wider A-SEAT project and any other future ICT projects.

AFROSAI-E has a trained pool of SAI ITMA moderators, of whom five moderated this intervention in conjunction with a GIZ consultant. Twenty-two participants from SAI Zimbabwe attended the ITMA action plan workshop.

I find the level of readiness exhibited by SAI Zimbabwe in conducting this exercise particularly impressive. During the Zimbabwe assessment, we noted real-life appreciation of the inclusion of the area of Geotechnologies (GIS) with real examples of SAI Zimbabwe having undertaken a performance audit for water catchment areas, which, according to the participants, would have been enhanced had they used some GIS tools.”

Aaron Mwandia, Lead Moderator from Zambia

Interventions to follow will support the development of an assessment report and action plans to address the identified shortcomings, which can be integrated into the SAI’s existing Strategic Plan. This objective addresses the intended impact for the SAI to transform and enhance digitalisation. SAI ITMA will aid the SAI by providing a platform to meditate, exchange ideas, and provide evidence through the methodology and tools. We envision this will assist in successfully implementing the A-SEAT at SAI Zimbabwe.

“What stood out to me was the vibrant exchange of ideas that transpired during the peer-review sessions. These interactions underscored the participants’ interest and dedication to the tool and their collective enthusiasm, which was visible throughout the workshop. The positive involvement of management members played an instrumental role in the workshop’s success. Their support was an essential catalyst significantly enhancing the tool’s overall learning experience and application.”

Ivan Mukisa,Moderator from SAI Uganda