Performance Audit Supervision and Review Workshop for Senior Managers

18 – 22 September 2023, South Africa

The Performance Audit Supervision and Review Workshop targeted Deputy and Assistant Auditors General, Directors, Assistant Directors, and Managers responsible for heading Performance Audit functions in their SAIs. This is another AFROSAI-E intervention to support senior managers with their supervision and review functions.

This intervention was developed following a similar workshop aimed at operational managers and the needs expressed by participants for senior managers to also benefit from the learnings.

Regional senior managers with substantial performance auditing knowledge and experience facilitated the workshop. Sessions included knowledge-sharing discussions on own experiences, sharing common challenges and mitigation measures. Other areas covered included SAI’s overall planning in performance auditing, focusing on operational and strategic planning, supervision, and support for performance auditors and audit teams, and the review of draft pre-studies and performance audit reports.

The facilitators and participants that took part in the workshop represented the SAIs of Angola, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Sweden, Tanzania, The Gambia, Uganda, and Zambia.