Somalia Enacts Historic Audit Legislation

On behalf of the Auditor General of Somalia, OAG Somalia has the distinct honour and privilege to share the momentous news that H.E. Dr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud formally signed into law a modern Federal Audit Law (No. 14) on 10 September 2023. This extraordinary achievement marks the much-anticipated departure from an outdated legislative framework, Law No. 34, which had regulated the functioning of the Office for 52 long years.

The newly enacted Audit Law represents a significant milestone in advancing the accountability and transparency landscape in Somalia.

Under the provisions of the new Audit Law, the Office of the Auditor General of Somalia has attained autonomy in crucial aspects, including staffing, operations, and budget. Moreover, the Office is now accountable to the Parliament in terms of reporting and will be subject to biennial audits authorised by the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) of the Parliament.

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